6 September - 9 November 2003

A Project by Norbert Möslang

Installation view

Together with music there has always been a creation of visual impact. Music can be expressed or even stored with pictures, be it as full forms, lyrics, covers, photographs, videos or animation. The Electronic Music Archive (EMA) focuses on the question of „what does electronic music really looks like?“ The exhibition gathers visuals of electronic music as a possible artifact of our time. Creating and manipulating electronic sounds together with pictures has been of great value within contemporary art for quite some time. The actual realm between art and music brings upon the context of EMA.

Erik M

EMA is also a very subjective memory. The archive collects different artistic statements and stores them as cultural achievement in the shape of an exhibition. In our time with still growing electronic memory capacity and yet everyday data being lost for ever this is the attempt to freeze the moment and hold it still as an exhibition. It is a cultural and emotional archive that wants to compare our time with the past time and questions terms like „quality“ or „innovation“. How can electronic culture be stored? Can memory be evened out as storage space? Why does electronic memory grow so much faster than cultural remembering? Is there a future for archives as a place for cultural remembering?

Joke Lanz

Keith Rowe


With contributions by:
Tetuzi Akiyama, Oren Ambarchi, Thomas Ankersmit, Knut Aufermann, K. Michael Babcock, Ed Baxter, Nicolas Bourquin, Thomas Brusa, Kim Cascone, Nicolas Collins, Frank Dommert, Leif Elggren, Fear of God, Tina Frank, Florian Hecker, farmersmanual, General Magic, Al Haig, Institut für Feinmotorik, Jason Kahn, Toshio Kajiwara, Tomas Korber, Joke Lanz, Alan Licht, Paul Lytton, Erik M, Sachiko M, Marcus Maeder, Lionel Marchetti, Jos Moers /meeuw, Günter Müller, Martin Ng, Phill Niblock, Dave Phillips, Pita, Gert-Jan Prins, Marina Rosenfeld, Keith Rowe, Philip Samartzis, Jim Sauter, Michael J. Schumacher, Bernd Schurer, Skipp, Ralph Steinbrüchel, Yasunao Tone, David Watson, Chris Weaver, Craig Willingham, Stephan Wittwer, Otomo Yoshihide.

Georg Gatsas – THE PROCESS

Georg Gatsas

Georg Gatsas who lives in New York observes closely artists and musicians in Brooklyn. He is literally seeking to be next to the shown people and wants to know all about them. Along with the photos of Georg Gatsas there will be poetry by the New Yorker writer Ira Cohen and some features by the artists - bands Devendra Banhart, Lizzi Bougatsos, Brian Degraw, Suicide, Jim O'Rourke (Sonic Youth), Kid606, Erase Errata und Jim Thirlwell aka Foetus.

19 September 2003, 9 PM, TIGERBEAT6-NIGHT, Concert with KID606, DWAYNE SODAHBERK, DJ/ RUPTURE, ELEKTROMEIER, DJ CURL organized by Norbert Möslang at Grabenhalle St. Gallen.

4 October 2003, 9 PM, ANOTHER PROCESS, Concert with NORBERT MÖSLANG, ERIK M., TEXTA, RÜCKGRAT, TECHNO ANIMAL, TONTRÄGER RECORDS organized by Georg Gatsas at Grabenhalle St. Gallen.

22 October and 5 November, 6.30 PM the artists Norbert Möslang and Georg Gatsas guide visitors through the current exhibitions EMA and The Process.

9 November, 2003, 4 PM we are closing the current exhibitions EMA and The Process with Georg Gatsas and Nortbert Möslang as DJs playing music by the artists/musicians of the exhibitions.